Warranty One Year from Date of Delivery

keystone_animation_securityKSI warrants to the original Buyer and its successors and assigns that this product is free from defects in workmanship and material under normal use and service. KSI obligation under this warranty shall be limited to furnishing a replacement for, or at KSI option, repairing this product or any part or parts thereof which, prove defective within the warranty period following the date of completion and acceptance by buyer unless the product or part has been subject to misuse, abuse, accident, or alteration or to improper or negligent use, maintenance, storage, transportation, or handling. In no event will any claim for labor by non KSI Employees, non-assigned KSI contractors or technicians used to remove or replacing a defective product or part therefor, or for consequential damages relating thereto be allowed.

Notes: No warranty is made as to this product or part which has not been sold by KSI, installed, operated and maintained in accordance with instructions conveyed by KSI, or the instructions contained in the technical manuals, or which has been subject to misuse, abuse, accident or alteration or to improper or negligent use, maintenance, storage, transportation or handling. No warranty is made as to this product or part which payment is delinquent.

This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, and KSI neither assumes or authorizes any person or firm to assume for it any other or further obligations or liabilities in connection with the sale, installation, or use of this product. Buyer, by accepting the terms of this Agreement of Sale, expressly agrees to the limitation of damages noted above.

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