• Cashier window:
    – horizontal slide opening in sliding door.
    – speak hole with draft-free grill in glass.
  • Thru-wall transaction drawers with or without communication system.
  • Deal tray under window built into counter.
  • Under shelf Indiana Cash Drawer with lock (wood or metal).
  • Under shelf storage drawer with lock.
  • Wall mounted electric heater with fan.
    –240/208 volt 4000/3000 watt
    –13,600/10,300 BTU
    –120 volt 1250/1500 watt
    –4300/5600 BTU
  • Ceiling mounted electric heater with fan.
    –120 volt 1500 watt 5,200 BTU
    –240 volt 4000 watt 13,600 BTU
  • Baseboard heaters.
  • Explosion proof electrical components
  • Thermostatically controlled air-conditioner -wall mounted.
    –115 volt 6200 BTU
    –115 volt 8800 BTU
    –230 volt 11,500 BTU
  • Thermostatically controlled air-conditioner and electric heat unit.
    –230 volt 9500 BTU Air / 11,250 Heat
    –230 volt 11,300 BTU Air / 11,250 Heat
  • Roof mounted air-conditioner units.
    –120 volt 10,000 BTU
    –120 volt 13,600 BTU
    –120 volt 15,000 BTU
  • Exhaust fans – wall and ceiling mounted.
  • Glazing:
    –Bronze or gray tinted tempered safety glass.
    –Clear or tinted acrylic glazing.
    –Clear or tinted polycarbonate glazing.
    –Clear or tinted tempered safety glass.
    –Bullet resistant glazing.
  • Exterior roof with overhang on all sides of 4,” 12″or 24″ etc.
  • Roof fascia of 12,” 24″ and 36″ etc. painted Owners’ color choice.
  • For aluminum buildings: 1″ thick “Thermax” insulation in wall panels and ceiling R10.5.
  • Store front aluminum swing door.
  • For prefab aluminum buildings: exterior painted, (panels only or fully) with acid based primer and one undercoat and one finished coat of automotive acrylic enamel paint using a photochemically reactive hardener air dried. Painted Owners’ color choice.
  • Bullet resistant enclosures construction. Class I, II, III, IV.
  • Restroom package: to include partition with door, exhaust fan, outlet, light, heater shipped installed; toilet, sink with faucet, hot water heater shipped knocked down. Pre-plumbed available.
  • Exterior finished of brick, stainless steel ord fiberglass.
  • Custom design – contact factory.
  • Additional options – contact factory.
  • Shop drawings with state seals.
  • Third-party in-plant inspection for state approval.