Aluminum Specs

Frame Structure:

Prefabricated aluminum building shall be ____________( ) feet wide by __________( ) feet long with overall height of 86″ (interior use), or 89″ including exterior roof (outside use), and shall be of aluminum construction with structural members of extruded aluminum angles, channels and tee sections, 6063-T6 alloy. Building to be manufactured using corrosion-proof mechanical fasteners and/or all structural components to be welded together at all intersections creating a unitized framework.


One 21″ deep full width formica counter, a minimum of 32″ from finished floor in all buildings not more than 6 feet in either direction.

Wall Panels:

Panels shall be 3/4″ thick, high impact resistant, moisture and expansion resistant exterior grade composite board, solid insulation core, fire rated Class I. .025 GA. stucco embossed aluminum sheet permanently laminated to one side with almond vinyl coating laminated to interior side.


Sliding aluminum door suspended from ceiling with top mounting hangers, heavy steel axles, all steel ball bearings with 11/8″ nylon tires – load per hanger is 100 pounds – two per door. Along with heavy duty aluminum box track and either side or top mounted heavy duty brackets. Doors are to be fully weatherstripped and complete with hardware including locksets and handles. Cashier booth models to have center opening sliding door with cashier windows (see options). Bottom portion to be paneled with stucco embossed aluminum up to a muntin bar at window sill level, top portion to be 3/16″ clear tempered safety glass. Swing type door of commercial heavy duty hollow metal 13/4″ thick steel type with vision panel. Key and knob commercial type lock, heavy duty hydraulic closer and heavy duty continuous roton hinge.


Aluminum frame, sliding type windows of minimum 1/8″ clear tempered safety glass with positive locking devices. Fixed windows of minimum 3/16″ clear tempered safety glass.


Interior ceiling to be 3/4″ thick high impact resistant insulating core board with white vinyl sheet permanently laminated to both sides.

Floor Structures:

Built up floor panel assembly shall fit tight against wall panels and fastened to bottom structural frame. Assembly to consist of 11/2″ weather resistant exterior grade plywood covered with 3003 aluminum treadplate, (in building 4′ or less in one dimension). Larger buildings to have an additional 1/4″ underlayment of plywood covered with a commercial grade vinyl tile.

Electrical Service:

Electrical service of 125 amp main lug panel box with eight circuits, pre-wired in conduit, two 115 VAC duplex outlets and a fluorescent light fixture, surface mounted. All electric work to conform with the National Electrical Code. No bulbs included with light fixtures.

Exterior Roof:

Exterior waterproof 4″ rimfit roof to be deep, roll formed, flat white pre-finished aluminum interlocked with extruded anodized aluminum fascia and gutter trim. Larger overhang roofs are shipped knocked down in roll formed interlocking panels for assembly and installation on site by others.