About Us

A Leader in the Manufacturing of
Pre-Assembled Buildings Since 1975

Since 1975, Keystone Structures has been manufacturing the finest quality pre-assembled buildings and structures for a vast array of industries including, petroleum, parking, industrial, security, transit, and sanitation.

Your structure, your way. Steel or Aluminum. Custom-designed to meet your needs.

During this time, we have produced and delivered more than 8500 booths, guardhouses, convenience stores, restrooms, in-plant offices, and other prefabricated structures, enclosures and shelters for customers throughout the United States.

Our booths are completely pre-assembled, wired, and outfitted in our 30,000 square foot production facility in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania.

Keystone Structures, Inc. manufactures the finest quality pre-assembled buildings and a variety of self-contained buildings to meet every individual need, including:

Attendant booths
Bus shelters
Cashier stations
Convenience stores
Equipment enclosures
Pre-assembled offices
Photo booths
Pump islands
Security booths
Toll booths
Revenue equipment shelters

Applications serve a wide range of users including:

Airport authorities
Amusement parks
Industrial facilities
Parking authorities
Petroleum companies
Security sites
Transportation companies
U.S. Government Agencies

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industrial8See a gallery of all our steel and aluminum structures and shelters.

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petroleum3Steel or aluminum, we customize the structures to meet your needs. Contact us today.

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petroleum6Learn more on our blog. News, updates, conferences, and more.

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